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Wonder Drink 有機發酵茶


Kombucha Wonder Drink offers sparkling fermented teas & prebiotic beverages to inspire a holistically healthy lifestyle and to promote overall well-being!


Kombucha is everyone’s new favorite drink. It’s a fermented beverage made from brewed tea, sugar, and bacteria from a starter culture called SCOBY—Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast.

Kombucha's taste can range from tart to sour to tangy, like a crisp apple cider vinegar or a bubbly switchel. And it’s as versatile in use as it is in flavor—you can mix herbs, fruit, spices, and tea infusions for unique and exciting kombucha concoctions!

Wonder Drink Kombucha is fun and functional! Here are just a few of the benefits you get from our ‘booch:

Acetic Acid: Fermentation produces acetic acid which supports gut health.

Tea Polyphenols: Found in tea, these are antioxidants that benefit overall health.

Healthier Alternative: Skipping soda doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on taste. Kombucha’s a delicious and healthy alternative. Our beverages are guaranteed non-alcoholic*, making them safe for kids.


Hong Kong distributor: A & W Food Service Ltd
Email: sales@anwfood.com
Website: www.anwfood.com


紅茶菌,又名菇茶,其實是一種發酵茶,它由茶、糖、再混合細菌和酵母(又名 SCOBY:Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeasts) 一起發酵而成。過程中,SCOBY 會以茶及糖作為它的養份,經轉化後會產生微量的酒精和醋酸,從而產生其獨特並像果醋般的酸甜味。有些發酵時間較長的紅茶菌飲品,除了酸味會較強之外,更會有輕微的氣泡產生。《每日郵報》曾報道紅星麥當娜、桂莉芙柏德露都是其擁躉。

美國Wonder Drink 有機發酵茶,由有益的酵母和菌種把優質有機茶發酵而成,是全素功能性健康飲品,不含酒精、基因改造及麩質。具抗氧化性的茶多酚和有助促進腸道健康的乙酸。


香港代理商: 勁寶食品(香港)有限公司



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