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Company : Assure Company Ltd

Email : info@assure.com.hk

Website : www.sunsweet.com.hkwww.snackmate.net

SUNSWEET 日光牌 100% 加州西梅汁 | 100% Prune Juice

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  • SUNSWEET乃全球著名的美國乾果品牌, 100年歷史,擁有獨家專利去核技術,使西梅乾份外圓渾可口,品質優勝。SUNSWEET 加州100%西梅汁,乃100%原汁,非由濃縮果汁還原; 含豐富鐵質及鉀質; 無添加糖份、防腐劑、及其他人造成份,有助促進腸道健康,乃健康果汁最佳之選。


    原產地: 美國


    Sunsweet Prune Juice originated from US California is 100% juice, not from concentrate. Not only tastes good, also provides natural source of fiber and essential vitamins and minerals, to help balance and maintain good digestive health. Moreover, no added sugar, preservatives, and other artificial ingredients. Undoubtedly a good choice of health drink.


    Country of Origin: USA