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Company : Pristine Living

Email : info@pristine.hk

Website : www.pristine.hk

PRISTINE LIVING 簡約養生 養生鮮菇粉 | Premium Mushroom Seasoning Powder

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  • 簡約養生〝養生鮮菇粉〞採用9種珍貴菇類研製,天然純素,含有高份子多醣體、 蛋白質和食物纖維,無鹽、脂肪及防腐劑。烹調時使用,可取代味精,有助提升食物的鮮味,食用後不會口乾舌燥。產品由ISO22000及HACCP認證食品廠製造,通過安全測試,是日常調味養生的天然珍品。


    原產地: 台灣


    Made of a selection of mushrooms and fungi, Pristine Living “Premium Mushroom Seasoning Powder” promotes the flavor of food in a natural and healthy manner. This vegan product is rich in proteins and polysaccharides, and is free of salt, fats, gluten and preservatives. It complies with ISO22000 and HACCP standards, and has passed stringent safety tests.


    Country of Origin: Taiwan