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PIP ORGANIC 有機蘋果汁 | Organic Cloudy Apple Juice

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  • PIP一直與有機農民一起工作多年,以確保他們在適當的時間選擇合適的水果品種,以便他們的果汁完美融合。100%鮮搾有機蘋果汁,全天然無添加,不含防腐劑、色素、濃縮物及人造香料,亦不添加糖及水。


    原產地: 英國


    PIP Organic has been working with organic farmers for many years to ensure they choose the right fruit varieties at the right time, so that all of their juices are blended to perfection. 100% pressed organic apple juice, free from preservatives, colourings or artificial flavours. No added sugar or water and not from concentrate.


    Country of Origin: UK