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公司名稱:Koala Tea Company Pty Ltd




Company : Koala Tea Company Pty Ltd

Email : howard@koalatea.net.au

Website : www.koalatea.com.au

KOALA TEA Berryful Organic Tea

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  • Our Berryful organic tea has the highly regarded Açai Berries which are very high in anthocyanins, are plant antioxidants associated with lowering cholesterol, improving blood circulation and relaxing the blood vessels.

    Combined with Blueberries which a known high source of Vitamin C and are reputed to improve brain health and eyesight.


    Naturally sweet! Xylitol is a low-calorie sugar substitute extracted from Raspberries. It is slowly absorbed into the blood, and can help regulate fluctuations of blood sugar levels. This is very important nowadays, with so many people on the verge of diabetes. It also makes this tea taste lovely. No other sweeteners needed!


    All together, these berries are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. We all know about GREEN TEA, the healthiest drink on the planet. That’s why we use it as the base for Berryful, our newest “superfood” herbal tea.


    Country of Origin: Australia

    Net Weight : 36g

    Piece per Carton : 20

    Shelf Life : 3 years

    Wholesale : US$2.59

    RRP: US$4.50


  • Brand name :  KOALA TEA


    Delicious Australian certified organic herbal teas for everyone, from babies to grandparents. And now too Koala Coffee, locally grown and herbicide/insecticide free.


    Australian certified organic herbal teas, 100% made and owned by an Australian family business. We've been herbalists for a very long time, and have grown herbsorganically ourselves. In 1987 we founded a herb growing body, which some years later became The Organic Herb Growers of Australia. A few years ago, it merged with the BFA/ACO, the major organic certification body in Australia.

    We have several ranges of teas: the Koala Teas, KT Organics and the Biofoods Australia Tea for Kids range.


    The rich soils of a plateau between lush old growth rainforests in Northern New South Wales, Australia, is the land of the koalas after whom we named our company.

    Endless golden beaches of Byron Bay, prehistoric volcanic landforms, idyllic hinterlands – this is the home of the Koala Tea Company, the original Australian certified organic herbal tea company.


    Brand website : www.koalatea.com.au