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公司名稱:W International Investment Ltd / 加維麥蘆卡




Company : W International Investment Ltd / New Zealand Manuka Group

Email : info@kiwimanuka.com

Website : www.KiwiManuka.com.hk

KIWI MĀNUKA 麥盧卡蜂蜜酒 | Mānuka Honey Wine

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  • 此麥盧卡蜂蜜僅生產於紐西蘭的麥盧卡茶樹(Leptospermum Scoparium),它的味道濃郁醇厚、質滑芳甘,更具有其它蜂蜜沒有的活性抗菌成分-UMF™獨麥素,有特殊治療能力,因而被稱為蜜中極品。麥盧卡蜂蜜酒以麥盧卡蜂蜜為原材料,經自然發酵、陳釀後製成的低濃度酒精飲品。


    原產地: 新西蘭


    Used as a fermenting agent instead of sugar, the honey imparts a distinctive character and texture, with the initial impressions dominated by concentrated honey flavours. The wine broadens out on the palate and becomes a rich and fulfilling experience, the finish refreshingly clean, with natural acidity balancing the smooth honey after taste.


    Country of Origin: New Zealand