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公司名稱:Glimlife Australia Pty Ltd




Company : Glimlife Australia Pty Ltd

Email : info@glimlife.com.au

Website : www.honeylife.com.au

HoneyLife 澳蜂寶蜂皇漿 | Royal Jelly

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  • HoneyLife 澳蜂寶蜂皇漿源於澳洲昆士蘭原始蜂場,至今傳承到第三代, 有極豐富的氨基酸、維他命, 極具營養價值,含有極高的“長壽因子”,可增強免疫力、延緩衰老用。經澳洲昆士蘭大學實驗室檢測。品質保證,澳洲製造,榮獲2017澳洲新洲出口金獎及2018澳洲人民選擇的健康美味大獎!


    原產地: 澳洲


    Honeylife Royal Jelly is a natural, nutrient-rich food provided to young bees and the Queen Bee of the hive and includes vitamins, proteins, lipids, amino acids, and minerals. Aids in the maintenance or improvement of general well-being. All Australian source, made & owned. Honeylife Propolis was awarded the 2017 Premier's NSW Export Awards and 2018 EatWell People's Choice Award.


    Country of Origin: Australia