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HIGHLAND SALMON 急凍蘇格蘭有機三文魚 | Frozen Scottish Organic Smoked Salmon

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  • 蘇格蘭Highland煙三文魚以選材優質三文魚馳名,品質有保障,口感肥美,用來做西餐或派對小食,都非常適合。產品亦符合蘇格蘭BRC食物及衞生的國際標準。


    原產地: 蘇格蘭


    Scotland Smoked Salmon is famous for their selection of the finest salmon. With their high quality and wonderful rich flavor, Hightland Smoked Salmon is very suitable for western cuisine and party finger food. Products all adhere with to BRC Global Standards of Food Safety.


    Country of Origin: Scotland