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HERGOSAN 西班牙伊比利亞黑毛豬肉 | Spanish Iberico Pork

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  • 在西班牙美食享譽的伊比利亞黑毛豬,有著「會走動的橄欖油」的封號。美食關鍵在於其罕有品種、自由放養及其生長環境。黑毛豬肉油花飽滿、色澤紅潤、肉嫩和軟滑多汁,含豐富單一不飽和脂肪酸。Hergosan 黑毛豬肉不添加賀爾蒙、抗生素及生長促進劑。


    原產地: 西班牙


    Iberico pigs has gained the nick name of the "Olive oil on four legs", the reasons are due to their rare breed, the free range rearing methods and their living environment. The meats are beautifully marbled, dark colour, so moist and tender with high content of mono unsaturated fatty acid. No added hormones, growth promotants & antibiotic to foster growth with Hergosan.


    Country of Origin: Spain