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Company : Fish Marketing Organization

Email : order@fmo.org.hk

Website : www.fmo.org.hk

FMO Local Accredited Fish 魚類統營處 本地優質魚 - 石蚌 | Star Snapper

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  • 頭與背呈紅色或紅棕色,腹部為黃色或黃白色,魚鰭皆為鮮黃色。憑據體側有一明顯的白點,石蚌可算是其中一種容易辨認的魚類。石蚌食用方式廣泛,深受本港家庭、酒樓、茶餐廳等喜愛。野生的石蚌主要分佈於印度洋與太平洋;現時石蚌一年四季皆有供應,產自本地優質養魚場的石蚌,在食物安全上有著更高的保障,令消費者食得更放心。


    原產地: 香港


    Both of its head and back are red or red-brown in color. And it has yellowish-white belly, bright yellow fins and there is a distinct white spots on the body. Wild snapper mainly live in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. Nowadays, because of the technique of aquaculture, snapper could be provided throughout the year in Hong Kong.


    Country of Origin: Hong Kong