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Company : Fish Marketing Organization

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Website : www.fmo.org.hk

FMO Local Accredited Fish 魚類統營處 本地優質魚 - 星鱸 | Red Drum

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  • 星鱸又名紅鼓魚。原產於美國東部海域,因養殖技術成熟,引入亞洲作養殖,後由於意外或放生等自然繁殖,故此於中國海域亦可發現野生星鱸。星鱸體狀長側略扁,尾部有明顯黑斑。為養殖產量甚高的魚種之一。其肉質粗實,骨少味甜,各種烹煮方式皆宜。本地優質星鱸魚集中在長沙灣養殖。


    原產地: 香港


    Red Drum is orinated from USA and introduced to Asia. Its Body large, elongate, slightly compressed with one or more prominent black eye spots at the rear of the body between the end of the dorsal and the caudal fin. It texture is hard, less bones and good fish flavor suitable for fried and BBQ. Accredited Red Drum are grown in Cheung Sha Wan.


    Country of Origin: Hong Kong