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Company : Fish Marketing Organization

Email : order@fmo.org.hk

Website : www.fmo.org.hk

FMO Local Accredited Fish 魚類統營處 本地優質魚 - 黃立鯧 | Pampano

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  • 又名布氏鯧鰺,屬於鰺魚科,主要分佈於紅海及東非海域,北至日本南部,南至澳洲等地方。身型圓扁,與白鯧魚相似。其肉質鮮香軟滑,宜以豉汁蒸煮。現時黃立鯧一年四季皆有供應。


    原產地: 香港


    Mainly living in the Red Sea and sea of East Africa, from the southern sea of Japan to the northern sea of Australia. Its body type are round flat and the meat is delicious and creamy. It is suggested to cook by steaming with soy sauce. Nowadays, we could buy Pampano throughout the year in Hong Kong.


    Country of Origin: Hong Kong