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FMO Local Accredited Fish 魚類統營處 本地優質魚 - 寶石魚 | Jade Perch

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  • 源自澳洲昆士蘭省因魚身上有如寶石般的黑色斑塊而命名。 由於寶石魚的生長速度快,而且成長時疾病較少,因此是一種理想的養殖品種。 寶石魚含有較高的不飽和脂肪酸,肉多骨少,肥美甘香,清蒸或用油煎都適宜,所以可算是一種營養價高,食用用途廣泛的魚種。


    原產地: 香港


    Native to Queensland, Australia, it’s a good candidate for pond fish culture. With its high nutritional value and high percentage of poly-unsaturated fatty acids, Jade Perch enjoys strong consumer acceptance throughout Asia. And Jade Perch is easy to eat with less bone, oily and rich flavour. To have a tasty dish, either steaming or pan-frying is suitable for Jade Perch.


    Country of Origin: Hong Kong