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Company : Fish Marketing Organization

Email : order@fmo.org.hk

Website : www.fmo.org.hk

FMO Local Accredited Fish 魚類統營處 本地優質魚 - 烏頭 | Grey Mullet

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  • 長於鹹淡水域河口交界,魚體呈圓筒長形,身形肥美而且所含脂肪較多。香港元朗出產的烏頭油質豐富是道地特產,四季當造。


    原產地: 香港


    Grey mullet grows at estuaries. It is plump, cylindrical in body shape and rich in fat. Yueng long grey mullets are famous for their high fat content all year round.


    Country of Origin: Hong Kong