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CAMPOS 西班牙有機認證走地雞 | Spanish Certified Organic Chicken

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  • 聞名西班牙有機走地雞品牌,雞肉味香濃,脂肪低但肉汁豐富。選用有機穀物飼養,不使用生長促進劑、不添加賀爾蒙及抗生素。有機雞肉品質高,合乎歐盟標準。


    原產地: 西班牙


    A famous organic free-range chicken farm in Spain. The meat is lean, great flavour with superior texture. No added hormones, antibiotic and growth promotants. The hens are also feed on organic grains. All organic meat products are certified by EU.


    Country of Origin: Spain