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BORROWDALE 澳洲走地豬肉 | Australian Free-Range Pork

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  • 澳洲對肉食品是有嚴格的規定,而Borrowdale是其中一家擁有政府走地豬認證的一家豬肉供應商。農場在嚴格的標準下用心飼養豬隻,澳洲達令港空氣清新,陽光燦爛,豬隻一生可自由散步覓食,肉質細緻,脂肪含量平均而肉汁豐富,定能滿足你的需要。


    原產地: 澳洲


    Borrowdale is a leading producer of certified organic free-range pork in the Darling Downs of Australia. The standards also ensure water and foods is always accessible and that environmental welfare is also maintained. The taste and texture of the pork is superior, the meat is lean and succulent.


    Country of Origin: Australia