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What's New in 2020


Natural Foods Buyer’s Guide is your best e-Magazine to find all the natural and organic food, drink, ingredients, equipment, and services your business needs, all in one place. For businesses that prepare, serve, and sell food and drink, or operate in the accommodation and hospitality sectors, Natural Foods Buyer’s Guide is the place to be. 

Switch from print to digital publishing -  faster internet speeds, more interactive content, more online marketing opportunities, and cheaper distribution and production costs are the reasons why we decided to switch from print to digital magazines. 

From yearbook to quarterly magazines - while the natural and organic market continues to be dynamic and competitive, started out as a yearly printed sourcing guide, Natural Beauty Buyer’s Guide will increase the publishing frequency in 2020 to cope with the growing demand from buyers for the industry news and updates. 

Publication schedules in 2020  

# Issue 4 - 28 February 2020

# Issue 5 - 28 May 2020 

# Issue 6 - 28 August 2020 

# Issue 7 - 28 November 2020 

2020 最新動態

作為天然有機行業的先鋒,我們致力推動業界發展。自2017年開始,我們每年出版兩本採購指南,分別是《天然食品採購指南》(Natural Foods Buyer’s Guide) 和《天然美肌及健康產品採購指南》 (Natural Beauty Buyer’s Guide) 。



從印刷版轉為電子網上版, 從年鑑到季刊...


2020 年出版日期

第四期 - 2020年2月28日

第五期 - 2020年5月28日

第六期 - 2020年8月28日

第七期-  2020年11月28日